Employment Crisis In India Explained

Employment Crisis In India Explained

Hello, This is Kandy. It is my 2nd non-technical blog. So If you are an Indian from a middle-class family, working or starting to work, You probably have gone through job requirements that are just so unbelievable that you wonder If It is even fair to expect that much. Still, you apply and clear the selection process. You get to work on lame stuff that doesn't require all the skills mentioned in the job description. You wonder why they are even there in the first place. This question makes a lot of sense. I would specifically like to touch on this question. The answer to it all comes down to the imbalance in demand and supply. No, I am not trying to get into economics. It's more of a social issue that we face today. I will explain how.

What do Demand and Supply have to do anything with the job?

A lot. Let's imagine I gave you your favourite dish though you don't have an appetite to eat more. Will you be able to consume more? The answer is a simple No. The same happens with the Job openings and applicants. There are fewer job openings and numerous applicants for the same job. So to filter out the candidates, requirements are set higher than what is required and Why not. Getting a little extra for a particular amount is a fair deal. In this scenario, The supply is more than the demand. So the corporate world gets an advantage in hiring skilful employees at a low cost which further results in underemployment. Rejected candidates contribute to the unemployed category.

So, are they not good?

They are probably great. However, with the same amount, the company found another person that fits the role better for them. It may not be the right decision for them. The reason is that it is harder to choose when the options are many. download-1-1538458462.jpg

what contributes to this imbalance in demand and supply?

There are mainly two factors. And that is overpopulation and a weak economy because businesses are not making profits. So the competition gets an all-time high while rewards are not that significant.

So India has a weak economy. Overpopulation makes it harder for businesses to thrive. People get paid less than what they deserve. It affects everyone in India.

How to fix this mess?

Population control

To fix this, As citizens of India, we need to focus on the factors contributing to this situation. Overpopulation is a reality because the Indian population is unaware. The vast population of India currently lives in poverty. 9847008_orig.jpg As educated citizens of India, We must

  • Spread awareness and actively connect with NPOs such as Taxab.
  • Government must fight for population laws instead of just appeasing vote-banks.
  • Prioritize having a good financial status before marriage or kids.
  • Promote two child policy and abide by it.

There is a lot more we can do as aware and educated citizens of India. I will leave it up to you to think and leave your suggestions in the comments.

Improve Indian Economy

Firstly, the economy of a country would not improve overnight. It is a process. We must focus on social issues we contribute to and try to change that because only those factors we work upon as a society. Even after providing products and services for cheap, Our economy is not growing. The reason for that is that we lack the trust of foreign investors and lack innovation.

Why do we lack the trust of foreign investors?

  • Poor quality. The quality of products and services is not good.
  • Better alternatives exist at a cheaper cost. Beware of China.
  • Bad Image of Indian Companies. Many companies scam foreign investors and foreigners. Any legal action does not help foreigners to fight their cases because of corruption.
  • Corruption. A little money shuts the possibility of any action taken by the authority. And it ruins the Image of India and Indian businesses. It is well known. Here is the proof of it.
  • Poor ethics. A large uneducated population of Indian men or men that looks like Indians from other countries harass foreigners. This act ruins the image of Indians. But how does it impact business? In the end, Businesses run because of people. If the majority face behavioural issues with Indians, it builds up a perception or stereotype. Why does this happen? It is because of gender ratio imbalance. Many Indian men never get to interact with women the right way. So many do not know where to draw the line. Even though it does not feel like it contributes to it, it does.

So these are the issues that I noticed personally. If you see other problems that need to be worked on as part of society, mention them in the comments for others to read. The only way for us to succeed and help this country is to identify the issues and work on them. So let's contribute to "making a new India" instead of just "make in India".