From Toxicity to Transformation: Building Better Work Cultures

From Toxicity to Transformation: Building Better Work Cultures

Hi Guys, This is Kandy with another non-technical blog coming from a developer with 3 years of experience in the tech industry as a full-stack dotnet engineer.

It's weird how an employee is judged on frequent switches but a company is not judged for forcing people into resignation or for lay-offs.

Indian corporations need a better work culture and stricter laws to protect employees from exploitation. It is so sad to see that as people we create the environment of the company and still we hate the environment. So are we contributing to that toxic environment by favouritism, and toxic competition instead of healthy competition and collaboration?

How often as seniors are we supportive of our juniors?
How often do we as employees take a stand for the team we work with?
Do you acknowledge the efforts of your juniors and make them believe that they matter to the organization?

If not, Then are you not contributing to a toxic work culture?
Why would some person who wants to earn respect, reputation, experience, skills and knowledge work under someone who has already lost all their motivation to build products and services? Is that senior a good mentor to someone early in his career?

Does someone else's promotion or hiring make you uncomfortable?
Then you contribute to a toxic culture.

It's Okay to leave if you are not being valued in your organisation.
It is important to value your time, if you are lucky, you have 50-60 years to live and nothing is more valuable than your time. How you want to make your career is your choice. no person should be judged or criticised for taking risks, switching companies, etc.

There is no pride in spending 30 years in 1 company where you made no large-scale impact and didn't explore your potential and strength.

If you are not motivated to build something significant,
If nothing motivates you to do your work,
Then you are just an employee, not a contributing member.

There is a downward trajectory forward
if you want to work less and less but earn more and more.

On the other hand, An organisation must make sure that the environment is not only welcoming but also there must be healthy competition and collaboration among competing members and only good leadership can make smart people collaborate and work with each other by maintaining harmony and synchronization of efforts for better quality and delivery.

Do not complain about why good employees leave,
Good employees will leave if their efforts are not valued with support and compensation. Financial compensation is a huge reason but not the only reason why someone leaves an organisation. I think I can say this because I have switched 2 companies and even though financial compensation was a reason but was not the only reason or say "The triggering reason" for the switch.

It is better to work on yourself and develop your skills,
instead of working for an organisation that is not there to make an impact.

The values of an organization should have a clear purpose and reason, which must be reflected in their actions, not just stated on their website.

That's it with this non-technical blog for you guys, to help you navigate your path in your career and make decisions that are right for you and not just for the company.